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Never watch the big game alone again

CHOOSE YOUR TEAM Content tailored specifically for each user so that you get the relevant content you want.
Look out for hot spots! Innovative new mapping service shows exactly which supporters are in your area.
Connect with fellow fans Put on your jersey and check in to the venue to cheer on your team with your teammates!

Game On: The best bits

  • Simple interface

    Spend less time searching for the perfect venue with easy to navigate design
  • Real-time updates

    Monitor the check-ins of supporters as it happens so you’re always in the know of where to go
  • Usability driven

    Responsive design means an optimised experience on every device, making the app intuitively usable and immediate
  • Get to know your venues

    Learn which bars belong to certain supporter groups so you know where you’re headed
  • Banter, banter, banter!

    Check in to a venue to gain exclusive access to sports nutters’ chatters!

    Quick and easy way for sports fans to share feedback, identify issues and shape the future of the app


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